Florida Vacations: 4 Animal Walks That Kids Will Love

Discover places that will amuse the whole family

Theme parks are the major attractions of the “sunshine state” as Florida is known in the United States. But not only roller coasters live the region. If you are planning to go there for the next vacation , be sure to check out the suggestions below. They do not usually appear on traditional scripts, but for this reason, they will make your trip with children even more unforgettable.

1. Orlando Sea Life Aquarium

Seahorse, octopus, turtle, starfish, jellyfish, ray, shark … There are over 5 thousand amazing creatures seen from close up. The environment is dark, intimate and mysterious, imitating the sea floor. Your children will no longer want to leave – nor will you! Every hour, local monitors make chat with explanation about the bugs. In addition to the animals behind the glasses, there are also tanks with colorful anemones that can be touched.
Address: 8449 International Dr., Orlando.
Rates: Child under 2 years does not pay; from 3 to 12 years, US $ 10; over 13 and adults, $ 20 (if purchased online).
Website: www.visitsealife.com/orlando


2. Skeleton Museum

Children who love animals will be fascinated by this place. The museum gathers over 400 real skeletons from the most diverse animals – from the small hummingbird to the huge rhinoceros. The experience, beyond unforgettable, is a practical lesson in biology and ecology for the little ones.
Address: 8441 International Dr., Orlando.
Rates: Child under 2 years does not pay; from 3 to 12 years, US $ 12.99; 13 and older, $ 19.99 (if purchased online).
Website: skeletonmuseum.com

3. Safari Wilderness Ranch

The place offers different modalities of safari (by kayak, by car or on a camel). The great differential is the care and respect with the animals. There are no queues or crowds of tourists there to make them feel stressed. They either do concerts for the public or are forced to appear. Bugs live, in fact, as if they were in their natural habitat and have plenty of room for it. As the tours must be booked in advance, the guides can give special attention to each group, taking the doubts of the children during the tour. Besides the safari, you can also feed the lemurs, which are docile little creatures. The activity is unforgettable. It is an hour’s drive from Orlando.
Address: 10850 Moore Rd., Lakeland.
Prices:starting at US $ 90 per person (vehicle safari). Must be scheduled online or by phone in advance.
Website: safariwilderness.com

4. Clearwater Marine Aquarium
The place is a hospital, where the main job is the rescue and rehabilitation of marine animals that are injured. Once cured, they are returned to the environment. Visitors learn about all this during the tour, and, of course, get to know the animals that are recovering. The Winter Dolphin is one of the permanent residents of the aquarium. He had his tail amputated in an accident at sea, but was saved and received a plastic prosthesis. And now you can swim again.
Address: 249 Windward Passage, Clearwater.
Rates: Child under 2 years does not pay; from 3 to 12 years, US $ 16.95; 13 and older, $ 21.95.
Website: seewinter.com


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